Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Tiger, Tiger, burning bright,
In your Cadillac that night.
It's clear - no need for judge or jury -
'Twas "woman scorned" who brought the fury.
--William Blake (sort of)

Bicker Stumper:
(Michael, that is)


lakeviewer said...

I'm catching up here. Still laughing at your purchase of a cheap recliner.
Laughing because, that's how we've lived our lives too, purchasing things for the moment, and then regretting the action when such things break down easily.

Do as I did four years ago: I bought myself a Stressless Chair, a Swedish product that cost more than my monthly mortgage. The thing is marvelous: it sits you up when you want it to, supports you in any position, and it cleans itself. Yes, it was worth every dollar I spent.

My husband bought a cheaper model the same day that had to be replaced within a year.

Berowne said...

That Stressless Chair sounds great. Thanx.

Jeanne said...

Perhaps the best Tiger beat I've heard yet....

I have an award for you over at the Chronicles.

Berowne said...

My sincere thanks, Jeanne.

willow said...

Heh-heh, glad you cleared that up about which Palin!

Berowne said...

Michael for President! :-D

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