Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Entry for "Writer's Island" and "Take a Walk in the Park"

Radio Script: “The Russian Bride”

Announcer: “This is the story of Keith Foster, whose destiny it is to live the life of a small-time con man. Who says crime doesn’t pay? Here’s the way he set out to prove the old saying was wrong. He got a woman named Myrna to play a Russian girl, Nadyezhda, from a small town in southern Siberia (though Myrna’s actually from Long Island). Keith is to get $20,000 from one Sidney Krull, who’s looking for a Russian bride, then later he'll split the money with Myrna. The plan is, after one day she’ll take the position that the marriage was a mistake and would never work, and then just take off. Sidney won’t be able to do much – go to the police or whatever – because the whole process of importing a foreign bride in this way is illegal. Myrna knows no Russian but has gone to the trouble of learning a few Russian words; there should be no problem because most of the time with Sidney she’ll just be keeping quiet.”
Keith: “All you have to do is just sit quietly and act kind of confused.”
Myna: “I am kind of confused; I thought I was to get some money today.”
Keith: “I explained all that. I got a five grand advance from Sidney; we’ll get the rest today, when he shows up. Relax; tomorrow you’ll get your half – ten thousand dollars for one day’s work!”
Myrna: “I don’t see why I can’t get something now.”
Keith: “Because you’ve got to play wife for a day. Without that, you won’t get anything. Stop complaining. You say you want to be an actress? Well, you’re being very well paid to just act dumb. You should have no trouble with such a part.”
“Okay, he’s here now. Take a deep breath – we’re on!”
Waiter: “Good morning, sir! The hotel management wanted to send up a special champagne welcome tray for the happy couple. Congratulations, and we hope you and your beautiful bride…”
Keith: “I’m not the groom! I’m just with the bride for a while. When the husband gets here I leave.”
Waiter: “What? Well, okay, whatever – I’m broad-minded. I’ll just take away the breakfast things. No one ate the scrambled eggs?”
Keith: “No, no. Do that later. You can leave the champagne.”
Waiter: “Myrna! Good God, what are you doing here? Don’t you know Big Al is looking for you?”
Myrna: “I know, I know. Tell him I’m getting the money. I’ll have it for him in a day or two.”
Keith (to Myrna): “Wait a minute! You know this waiter? Who’s Big Al?”
Waiter: “It’s better if you don’t find out. So, you’re using my pal Myrna to pull the Russian bride scam? Okay, I want in. If I promise not to tell anyone what’s going on, that should be worth a couple of thou, right?”
Keith: “Take your scrambled eggs and get out of here! Go take a walk in the park! But don’t worry; keep quiet about all this and I’ll have a hefty tip for you later.”
Waiter: “Tip? We’re past the tip stage. I’m now part of this deal. Let me play her Russian brother; that would make the whole setup more convincing. I can do a good Russian accent.”
Sidney: “Ah, Keith! Do you have good news for me – oh, there she is! You were right, Keith; she’s a beauty! Good morning, Nadyezhda! How I wish I knew some Russian. Who’s this fellow?”
Keith: “The brother.”
Sidney: “You brought your brother?”
Keith: “No, her brother.”
Waiter: “I am brother from our hometown, small village near Moscow.”
Sidney: “I thought she was from southern Siberia?”
Waiter: “That – is our summer place.”
Myrna: “Spasibo!”
Sidney: “Same to you, my dear. [To Keith] I thought ‘spasibo’ meant thank you.”
Keith: “It’s Siberian slang for hello. You brought the money?”
Sidney: “Yes, here. All in cash, as you requested. And I want to thank you, Keith. You’ve made this a day I’ll never forget.”
Keith: “Yes, well, we’ll leave you two lovebirds. Goodbye, Nadyezhda.”
Myrna: “Spasibo!”


gautami tripathy said...

I liked the dialogue. Tight, taut and very good.

destined destination

lightverse said...

Zdravstvuj! Very much fun to prompt,yes? Spasibo. ☼

Strummed Words said...

A script for a film! Excellent.

flaubert said...

Tak! Love the dialogue a fun read.

Wayne Pitchko said...

i like the words.....nicely done and thanks for sharing

OJ Gonzalez-Cazares said...

This dialogue was Tarantinesque!... I wonder what happened next? did they pull it off? "Spasivo" is slang for "you have been punked!!" lol - smart writing!
Happy new year!(a little late)- all the best for 2011.

Margaret Bednar said...

I could see this scene set up as an improv skit. Quite zany and I see it full of great facial expressions.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Funny, I was having Spasibo with vodka marinara sauce just the other night. Amazing how it adapts to almost any situation.

Berowne said...

OJ Gonzalez: "This dialogue was Tarantinesque!..."
Quite a compliment -- thanks.

Berowne said...

Ladron: "Funny, I was having Spasibo with vodka marinara sauce just the other night."
They usually overcook it. :-)

Berowne said...

flaubert: "Love the dialogue; a fun read."
Many thanx.

jaerose said...

Another unique take on the prompt Berowne - you have a real gift for dialogue/ always reads so naturally..Jae

keiths ramblings said...

It acted itself out in my head! Excellent

Kate said...

and my muscles were all spasibo'd after snow shovelling-- versatile word, that. fun read!

Berowne said...

My sincere thanks to Kate, keith, jaerose, Margaret B., Wayne P., Strummed W., lightverse and gautami t. for such encouraging comments.

Lilibeth said...

You left me hanging on that one as surely as my boardwalk into the chasm. I like the way your writing makes me want to read the rest.

JTS said...

I loved it... what fun to read, one can almost visualize this encounter!

oldegg said...

I just didn't want this to stop. It shows of course that the prompt is just that; we don't have to be too precious with it. The action and dialogue were great.

BJ Roan said...

Sadly, I remember listening to programs on the radio, The Squeaky Door, Gunsmoke, and others were still playing when I was VERY young. This piece reminded me of those days. Loved the storyline and dialogue. More please.

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