Sunday, November 10, 2013

Berowne's 193 Quiz

(Here's this week's Berownial quiz question.  I wrote the following, hoping it would remind you of a hit song of a few decades ago.  What's the song?)

"There was no need to come down here to the station house, Mr Rowan.  We ciould have handled this on the phone."
"I know, sergeant.  But I wanted to come here in person to apologize.  I got sort of excited there, I'm afraud."
"Yes, you did.  You were shouting something about how us cops just sit around and do nothing when yiou've got an important emergency on your hands."
"Oh God, again I apologize.  You see, that car is my pride and joy.  When I learned it was stolen I sort of fell apart."
"But of course it wasn't stolen, was it?  So often it's just a case of a family member taking a car for a spin."
"Right.  That's exactly what happened.  My daughter just got her driver's license last week and she couldn't wait to drive in real traffic."
"It was quite a ride, from what the police report has to say.  She went at normal speed throuigh a hamburger stand, putting an unknown number of hamburgers at risk."
"Ha.  Glad to see you've got a sense of humor about this."
"Well, there was no real harm done."
"But in addition to the danger she placed herself in, that vehicle cost me a fortune."
"Yes, it's obviously a collector's item - don't see all that many Thunderbirds these days.  You've kept it in real good condition."
"I sure have.  Perfect conditiion.  At least that's what it was in when my daughter went on her joyride.  It's a classic car and I plan to enter it in a few competitions.  Anyway, as for my daughter, I know she had a lot of fun-fun with it but she won't be driving it again any time soon.  She'll use our other buggy and leave my T-bird alone."
(Also submitted to Sunday Scribblings) 


Little Nell said...

There’s only me so I can’t harmonise like The Beach Boys, but here goes...”Fun, Fun, Fun....."

ds said...

Would that song be by the Beach Boys? And would it be "Fun fun fun (till her daddy takes the T-Bird away)"?

humbird said...

Hi, I'm wondering is the answer has something to do with the song I know in Russian


Heidi said...

This week's challenge is Fun Fun Fun! (until Daddy takes her t-bird away.)

Bekkie Sanchez said...

It was fun fun fun till my daddy took my T-bird away by the Beach Boys. Music is my forte Browne don't feel bad!

Roger Owen Green said...

Ah, something in my wheelhouse! Fun, Fun, Fun by the Beach Boys!

Tess Kincaid said...

Beach Boys "Fun Fun Fun"...

Sue said...

Fun, Fun, Fun by the Beach Boys.


Bekkie Sanchez said...

Very strange Berowne I left the answer come back and it's gone! Beach Boys, Fun fun fun was my answer. I finally got one right and everything is gone! What's up??

Meryl said...

I want to say the Beach Boys' "Fun, Fun, Fun" but the part about "the cops" doesn't quite fit -is it a misdirection or am I missing something?

Still, lots of fun.

Helen said...

Beach Boys .... Fun, Fun,Fun?

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Beach Boys: "Fun, fun, fun... til her daddy takes her T-bird away!" Fun one, Berowne! Amy

Berowne said...

FINALLY! I got my 'pewter working again, after about two weeks offline. Herewith are the published answers. I hope to be back to normal by this weekend. My thanks to all who participated (even if I couldn't).

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