Sunday, April 26, 2015

267 Quiz Answer

“Mending Wall” is one of the poet Robert Frost’s popular poems, a story of a wall that sits between two properties in the countryside.  Familiar lines from the poem are “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall” and “Good fences make good neighbors.”

(Also for Three Word Wednesday and ABC Wednesday: "P" is for "Pell")

The following scenelet should remind you of a well-known literary work.  Give us its name.

“I really appreciate your seeing me on such short notice.  May I sit down?”

“What?  Oh, sure.  Uh - I don’t understand what this is about.”

“Well, it’s simple.  I represent your friend and neighbor, Mr Pell.”

“Pell sent you?  Why didn’t he come himself?”

“Well, I do work for him in his business, so he thought I could handle this personal situation.”

“What kind of work do you do for him?”

“I’m his attorney.”

“He sent a lawyer?  My next-door neighbor has sent a lawyer?  Again, what is this about?”

“Please relax, it’s nothing serious.  It’s about that land you both have out back.  It needs to be fenced in so there’s a clear line of demarcation between your property and his.”

“But who says that?  It’s fine as is.”

“Not really.  Now people can just stumble from one place to another, nothing to stop them.  Things on your side can easily drift over to his property.”

“I have a couple of glorious apple trees out back.  Far as I know, no apples have ever wandered over to Pell’s area.  And if they did, so what?  They’re fine apples.”

“Believe me, situations like this often cause problems, legal problems.  I’ve handled a number of such cases.  People can live side by side in peaceful propinquity for quite a while, but…”

“Did you say ‘propinquity’?  This is quite an occasion.  I’ve never met anyone who used the word ‘propinquity’ before.”

“Well, to get to the point.  Please be assured that Mr. Pell likes you and wants very much to continue to be your friend and neighbor.  He would just like to avoid a situation that often leads to bitter problems and clearly marking off the two properties in this manner is the way to do it.”

“But I would have to go to the expense and trouble of …”

“Mr Pell would share the initial expense.  After that you would of course do the necessary maintenance on your side, repairing as necessary.”

“So I would have to constantly fix this thing, even though I see no use or need for it.”

“You’ll soon see the need.  Once it’s installed you’ll see how pleasant life can be when you have a good relationship with those who live near you.”

(The answer will be posted Saturday.) 


Roger Owen Green said...

Mending Wall by Frost, I assume.

Altonian said...

Ah! Difficult, this one, at least for me. At first thought I have come up with Robert Frost's 'Mending Wall', with its reference to apple orchards. I'll go with that until you tell me I'm wrong, which I fully expect.

Berowne said...

Altonian and Roger Owen Green have started us off with the correct answer.

naturgesetz said...

Had to search the actual title: Robert Frost's "Mending Wall."

Berowne said...

The right answer has just arrived from naturgesetz.

Björn Rudberg said...

I can usually guess these but this one left me flabbergasted... The only literary work involving legal battles like this is Bleak house, but that is a very long stretch.

Kathe W. said...

Robert Frost wrote the poem Mending Wall....only guess I can come up with.

Doctor FTSE said...

Robert Frost's poem "Mending Wall"?

Berowne said...

Kathe W and Doc FTSE have just submitted the correct answer.

Maria said...

Before I built a wall, I'd ask to know. . . if Robert Frost was my neighbor. . .(one of my favorites!)

Berowne said...

Another right answer; congratulations, Maria.

mrsnesbitt said...

Denise ABC Team

Reader Wil said...

Thank you for your comment. Your post is as fascinating as always .I wish I could find the solution of your quiz, but I have no idea! I am looking forward to seeing your solution.
Wil, ABCW team

Sheilagh Lee said...

I just don't know

Susan Anderson said...

Mending Wall by Robert Frost? Just a guess.


Berowne said...

Susan Anderson has just checked in with the right answer.

Old Egg said...

My mind is still sleeping I will await the answer.

Gattina said...

No idea who he was, but apparently he never had luck ! Poor guy !

ABC Team

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