Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Sunday

To all our non-USA type friends, you may perhaps be aware that Sunday will be Super Bowl Day over here in the Stytes.

It’s a big day when major teams play American football, wherein some 22 beefy athletes bang away at each other with a ball that is a prolate spheroid, occasionally partially deflated.  :-)

It will be the West versus the East this year, the teams of Seattle against New England.  Fortunes will be wagered on this event.

I post this just to inform you that I have some inside info; I can’t lose!  I was born in Seattle and live in New England.  Go team!

After that, Berowne will quietly return to his usual limited intellectual pursuits.


Roger Owen Green said...

Ha! I'm less rooting for the Seahawks, and rooting against the Patriots, which I've pretty much been doing since Spygate.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Berowne,
Enjoy the big game.
I guess you are right ~ you can't lose, but you must have a favourite in your mind.
As an Englishman well versed in ruby league and union (affectionately spoken of as rugger) I am still trying my best to make sense of American Football . . . lol.
There seem to be no rules whatsoever.
The teams resemble different species of swarming locusts fighting for a squashed egg. I cannot understand the need for all that armour when our rugby boys wear just shorts and vests when battling ferociously for the ball . . . .
I know forward passing is permitted and you have touch downs but nothing else seems to make any sense to us, with the exception of a few who have adopted the sport seriously.

I have not posted at Tess's for a while but hope to make a come-back soon.

Enjoy the match . . . . .

Eddis . . . :)

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