Monday, August 24, 2009


A propos of nothing, I was thinking recently of a fine dinner I had at a classy French restaurant in New York a few years ago.

You knew it was classy because there was no English translation on the French menu.

As I enjoyed my meal, I noted that there was a table of six nearby; one woman was acting as French translator for the others at the table. She was doing very well till she got to the word “huitres.” (“Huitres” is French for oysters.)

After mulling this over for a while, she said: “Well, it’s eight of something.”


Andrea said...

What happened to the other guy? :)

PillowNaut said...

LOL, tres amusant!

Berowne said...

Thanks for the comment, PillowNaut. You're just the type of person I'd like to have visit my blog. I'm very new at this so I thought I'd ask: how could I reach others like you? T I A,

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