Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So the plumber calls and tells me he’ll be at my place next Tuesday some time between 9am and 12noon.

On Tuesday I sit home for a couple of hours waiting for the plumber like a person condemned to house arrest. He calls around 12:30 to apologize, seems he’s running a bit late, but he’ll make it by 2.

As good as his word, he shows up around 2. Evidently he had been too busy to call.

Remarkable. I got to thinking of the business I ran for quite a number of years. If I ever called a client and said I’d come to his office for a meeting next Tuesday and I’d be there some time between 9 and 12, I would never get to see that client again – not even from a distance.

Come on, plumbers, painters, carpet cleaners, refrigerator repairmen, give us a break. Mention a time when you plan to show up and then make an effort to arrive at least within an hour of that time. If you see you’re not going to be able to make it, remember that great invention of Alexander Graham Bell (who invented the Graham Cracker) and give us a call.

Ever have a waiting-for-the-plumber experience?


Unknown said...


I can relate, as I worked my way through my academics in college, I was also in the construction business during the day... It is paramount and I agree, the customer is your bread and your butter...pick up the phone and a simple call is all it takes...:)


Unknown said...

Well, you are lucky that he did turn up even if late...I've experienced several times where we keep on waiting and plumbers/electricians don't 'ever' turn up, nor do they call but simply vanish! Can't understand how they manage to run their businesses :)

LisaB said...


Let's not forget the cable and telephone companies. I mean you would think as a communications firm their representative could at least call. I really sympathize with you, but as Meam Wye said, I also think you're lucky he showed up at all. I guess the mentality is that you need them, after all it's usually some mandatory fix when we call them.

Nothing Profound said...

I've had the same experience as meam wye-they simply don't show. We just had our house painted-you wouldn't believe the odd hours the painters would show up. There were days no one came at all. Sheer chaos!

Berowne said...

Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed your blog.

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